Why the Dying See Their Deceased Relatives Before They Go

dying people see dead relatives

Why the Dying See Their Deceased Relatives Before They Go – And What My Dying Mom Told Me She Saw

August 28, 2015

My quest to understand what the dying see began when I found out that my mom only had a few months (if that) to live. I wanted to be familiar with the stages she would go through and how I could best be there for her.

One of the things I read about the dying is that often they see deceased relatives or friends right before the end. In the world I grew up in (as a Seventh Day Adventist), I was taught that such things simply couldn’t happen. Yet, I read and heard story after story of men, women and children on their deathbeds who saw their dead mothers, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and friends. The same is true with people who experience “near-death experiences.”

The logical response to this phenomena is that lack of oxygen and the consumption of various drugs can do crazy things to the brain. Who knows what can occur when a person is hanging on by a thread?

As we neared the last days of my mom’s life, I so wanted to understand what she was feeling and seeing. The day before she took her last breath I decided to ask her.

First I wanted to make sure she could comprehend what I was saying. I told her I loved her, and she raised her eyebrows in acknowledgement. Then I shared a funny story about a conversation my sister and I had. The corners of her mouth turned up in a smile. I could tell that she was taking in every word.

And then I went for it.

“Mom, can I ask you a really serious question?” She turned her head and opened her eyes fully. I could tell she wanted to grasp every word that came out of my mouth.

“Mom, do you see any of our dead relatives in the room? Do you see your dad?” she shook her head to indicate “no.”

“Do you see your mom,” she shook her head.

“Do you see dad?” (my dad had died when I was 10). Her response was quite different this time. She began nodding her head to indicate “yes.”

“Is he here in this room right now?” she nodded. “Can he see me?” she nodded again. And then she tried to communicate with words, but was frustrated when she couldn’t get the words out. I could tell she wanted to share her reality with me so badly.

The next day mom was in a different realm. She wasn’t responding to me or my family members, yet she was having full-on inaudible conversations with a being I couldn’t see. Maybe my dad?

At times she would become quite animated, speaking deep within her throat and making guteral sounds. At one point, she kept shaking her head and saying “no.” It was obvious she was fighting something. I sat down next to her and tried to hold her. My sister also came into the room to let mom know she was there. I then called my brother and let him say hello.

Shortly thereafter, mom began having conversations again. When she spoke to the invisible being this time, it was as though they were having a cohesive conversation — one that I still couldn’t understand because by that time her vocal chords were shot. She’d talk and then listen and talk again. It was as though she was trying to make sense of what she was being told.

The conversation ended, and a bit later her body constricted. Her brow furrowed. Then something profound happened. Her soul (the mom I loved and treasured so much) completely left her body. Her body continued to breathe, but there were no more conversations. No more frowns or grimaces when you’d adjust her legs or back.

What I saw led me to conclude that she finally agreed to go. Could it be possible that she went with my dad? That he was sent to take her away and keep her safe along the way?

While I can’t be certain, this is what it seemed to be.

According to David Kessler, author and expert on death and dying, the following things often happen when a person is about to die.

  • The dying are often visited by their dead mothers.
  • Their hands often reach up toward a force that can’t be seen. (My mom did this)
  • Family members and friends of the dying can’t see their visions or participate in conversations.
  • Visions often occur hours to weeks before they die.

While there is no “proof” that their visions and communication with deceased family members or friends are real, some death and dying experts are adamant they should be taken seriously.

“People think it’s just confusion or the drugs,” explains Maggie Callanan. As a hospice nurse for more than 27 years, she has helped more than 2,000 dying men and women in their last days. “But frankly, the confusion is ours. The patient knows what is going on.”

Dr. Martha Twaddle, chief medical officer of the Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter, explains further: “You can write it off and say it’s a hallucination, they’re not getting enough oxygen in their brain, but no, it doesn’t apply to many people in these situations. I have to believe they are transitioning; they are in a phase we don’t understand physically or metaphysically. And it is profoundly reassuring to see it happen.”

Following the death of my Mom, I am more open to the idea that something amazing (like my father being there to take my mom away) may occur. The experience is one I can never forget — and honestly I never want to forget.

Just a few weeks ago, I was wondering why I haven’t had many dreams of my mom since she died. As I was driving home from work, I said out loud, “Mom, it’s about time you come and visit me in a dream! Where are you anyway?” I then laughed it off and enjoyed my drive through my favorite canyon.

That night while I was sleeping, it happened. I had one of the most lucid dreams I’ve had in a long time. Mom was dressed beautifully. She peered at me with a HUGE smile. Her eyes were bright and full of life. She was happier than I had seen her in years. And she was younger, maybe her 45 or 50-year-old self. We didn’t exchange any words, but it was clear that she is healed, happy and free.

I woke up with joy in my heart.



  1. Although he was not a family member, I was privileged to be with a man from our church who was very near death. It was a beautiful space to be in. It was as if the veil between the spiritual world and the physical world was very… thin.

    • The sick and dying ABSOLUTELY get an escort to heaven by predeceased loved ones, my Dad told us his brother and baby sister came to him 2 days before his passing & my Nana came to my brother 2 days before he passed, he told my sister in law and aunt. Open the door and let Nana in. #HEAVENISFORREAL!

      • I had the privilege to have my father with me for the last three months of his life.
        A week before he died he said to me ‘ your Mum is waiting for me, but I have told her I am not ready to go yet’
        Two days before he died he said ‘ Get the family ‘
        I have five brothers and sisters who live all over England.
        He was able to say goodbye to all of them.
        I always had a poor doubting faith, but this experience made my faith stronger.
        I now know that there is something after death but at the moment I can’t see the big picture.

      • Hello. My grandma asked us not to stand in front of the door as my granpa (who died more than 10yrs back) need to come in!! So quite similar!!

    • I was present when my cousin died in 2004 from a brain tumor. He was only 34 yrs old. A couple of hours before he died a priest came to anoint him. As he lay in the bed he started to talk. He was saying he didn’t want to go. He suddenly sat up in the bed and started to stare at the end of the bed and said I don’t want to go with you. We asked him who he didn’t want to go with and he replied the man with the beard. He lay back and passed away an hour later. But if I wasn’t there to witness this and had seen how hard he had fought to beat this cancer to be with his wife and two small children. We can only speculate who the man with the beard. It could have been Jesus. The hair stood up on the back of my neck when this happened. So I believe their is something greater out there. Seeing is believing for me. RIP. RAY.

    • When my Mother was dying, She started reaching for the sky and saying My Nephews Name. Todd died in a car accident 8 yrs ago. My Mom has been dead 5 yrs. She grieves for Him for so long. We truly believe She saw Him. After My mother passed after her funeral we were driving and my granddaughter who was 3 r 4 at the time reach up to the sky and said, Look it’s Granny smiling at Me. Makes You wonder.

    • I have been privileged to witness this first hand more than once. Most recently only a week ago as my Aunt passed away, in 1994 when my father passed away, and in 2015 with my mother.

      Most recently with my Aunt I watched her have what appeared to be a conversation with someone, including head nodding, tears, and hand motions. I have no reason to doubt that she was not aware of her surroundings because she knew that I was there. She was responding to my questions, and nodded and smiled when I kissed her goodbye. I cannot explain what I saw, I asked her if her husband Al had come to visit her and she shook her head “no”. I do not know who was with her, but someone was. This was just last Saturday late afternoon Feb 4th. On Sunday the 5th she was no longer responsive, and passed Sunday evening. So I guess I was there during her last coherent moments.

      In 1994 I watched my father stand in the kitchen and have what looked like a conversation with what appeared to be at least two people. He appeared to be answering questions, and looking up. Nodding his head, and using hand gestures, and even pointing I believe. It was though he was defending himself. At the time I thought that he was just hallucinating … now I don’t think so. I can remember thinking to myself at the time that he looked like he was giving an account of his life to someone. He did pass very shortly after that.

      In 2015 mom mom passed. My daughter witnessed the very same behavior that I saw with my Aunt. The conversation, the hand gestures, tears, being frightened. Thinking back now I remember that mom was asking for my father and acting as though he was there somewhere still alive even though he passed in 1994. Maybe he was there …

    • I’ve had this with my grandmother the night right before she passed. It was lucid and real. She woke me and spoke to me telling me over again it’s going to be ok. Everything is ok. So real It still makes me happy to know she’s ok and that is the person she was. She always wanted everyone to be ok. The weird thing about it was I had no idea she was going to pass that night. It was one last goodbye.

  2. I really don’t believe any of this. I believe you all believe it, and I believe your mind makes things up to help you cope with the grief. If that brings you comfort then fine, but there’s no proof of any of this. Just makes for nice stories.

      • I have have experienced my mothers passing and it was beyond incredible. I started to write a small story based upon all that she saw and informed us about while passing. I also had the experience to be with my father and step father, both whom also gave me plenty of hints and solid information. It’s the most horrible and sad experience with a twist of peaceful beauty at the same time. I’ve been cursed and blessed to have experienced so many passings. Trust me it’s all true… you cannot deplete energy. We are all made up of energy and we move into another dimension. The body is very relaxed so the brain is very highly sensitive to different energies, surroundings etc. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it with my ow n eyes. Hospice was amazed at what my mother had told us. It’s like they have rules, you can only say so much without completely saying exactly what’s taking place. There was so much more my mother wanted to tell me. It was a guessing and hinting game at times because she was not allowed to say. I have incredible true stories. Xoxoco

      • I believe they see and are guided to Heaven by their loved ones💔❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      • I’m definitely with you. If a person hasn’t had the gift of being with someone when they’re getting ready to cross over they really have no idea what an incredible gift and experience it truly is to experience. My life has been changed forever because
        of it. I witnessed my 28 yr old son cross over and WOW the whole experience was amazing.

      • Search utube. NDE. Near death experiences. Also the man… Raymond Mo

        ody. Not sure of the spelling of the last name.

      • I had the pleasure of being by my mother and father and brother dying. It still have my hear shattered and my mind need to heal but I saw my dad matimorphfisize in different faces and smiles . It was very weird. I saw mom’s arms raise up as if she was a angel in flight. My brother talked to me until his last breath. I as long lost my 23 year old son that told me he had died before the cops told me about the accident.. God is real these things I will take to my grave death is as real as life.

    • Well you believe what you want.
      I personally experienced a higher power and presence in the room when I watched my Dad cross over.
      Have you ever been in a situation like that?
      You shouldn’t comment here unless you can ADD to the comfort of others. How insensitive and cruel.

      • I’ve experienced amazing energy with my mother. An energy being pushed into my chest. I cannot explain it. It sounds crazy wacky and corny, but in felt her hugging me but not on the outside of my body but on the inside. I know it sounds insane but it’s the only analogy I have. I know I’m blessed to have had an amazing experience

      • So over the last 4 years My wife’s Brother passed, We were at his bedside and watched his BP drop to 0. 1 month later my wife’s cousin passed. We were at her bedside and watched her BP drop to 0. I felt no presence on either of them. Now maybe because I wasn’t directly related other than through marriage. But, On 9/6/2015 My Mom passed. I was not at her bed side for that I had to leave to fly home the day before.(which I can never forgive my self for). Now I am a huge huge supporter of life after death. To this day my mom has not come to me, weather in a dream or any other way. Although I sometimes feel her presence. Why wont she come to me. I had the closest bond with my mom more than my siblings. I loved her unconditionally and all I ask is that she makes her self known to me. I need to know shes Ok. So any advise how I do this. I would really appreciate some words of wisdom if possible. Well Thanks for reading this. Any advise would be great. Thanks again…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

      • I have had similar experience of my grandma coming to me to give me the last goodby hug. It felt like a dream – it was near morning and I was in bed sleeping with my first newborn son. But it was more than a dream as I could feel my grandmas presence, her being, personality and all, as she was hugging me – as if on the inside. I was in USA, my grandma died on the other side of Atlantic Ocean. I believe I’ll see her when my time comes.

      • In march 2014 I was so blessed to be at my dads side when he passed. What I experienced has had a profound lasting affect on my life. My dad had not spoken or opened his eyes in 3 days. The day of his passing Wales were playing Scotland in Cardiff. My dad was a huge rugby and patriotic Welsh man. I turned the tv on as the Welsh anthem started. Dad opened his eyes looked at the tv, listened until the anthem finished. He then looked beyond me and through me to the corner of the room, smiled, closed his eyes and left us. I was so happy for him that he passed in this manner and feel so priveleged to have been there with him. I also know in my heart he will be there on my passing to guide me safely through the unknown. Love you Dad always xx

    • I was like you to,but one night I was really missing my mom and told her how I was feeling about 4 days later she came to me in a dream, she wanted me to no she was ok and she would always watch over, that it s not my fault, it was so strange, these 2 men came to my house and piked me up said someone needed to see me and they would bring me back ,well what felt like hours and miles and miles ,they took me to a house nestled in the ground or hill, when I went in to my surprise all of my mothers stuff was there and distributed in the house perfectly ,I couldnt understand why, I hollered out hello 3 times and this lady said be right there, it sounded like mom, but that would be impossible, a couple min later from the next room my mother stood in the door frame, she said to me ,love you and miss you but I am ok ,i tried to go to her and when I did I woke up,I have never dreampt again about her and never heard from her again ,i tried for months to go back to sleep and continue where I left off,but it hasnt happened, It was her way of telling me shes ok and to move on, so I have ,but I miss her everyday and wish she would visit me again, this is 8 yrs ago and still feels like yesterday, will be 11 yrs april 20 she left us

      • My sister and I held each of my dad’s hand. He was actively in the dying process -meaning his breathing had started to go – he’d stop for 30 seconds and we thought he was gone but then he’d gasp and take another breath. This happened several times. We whispered to him that it was ok for him to go, he was struggling so. Suddenly he opened his eyes that had been closed for days, looked at us and softly said something we couldn’t decipher. He then closed his eyes and stopped breathing again, BUT at that exact moment both my sister and I gasped and looked at each other . We both felt an energy go up our arms to the center of our being – it felt like love wrapped around our hearts before travelling out the top of our heads. It was a physical feeling, not imagined. A life altering experience. I haven’t felt the same way about death since then.

      • Scott E Spingarn – Go to a medium..someone who channels and book a session. Make sure they are truly connected. Ask around..some of your friends likely know someone. Then you can ask to connect with your Mom and she will likely communicate with you.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way…It’s a very spiritual experience! My mother passed away 6/9/15 & I have to say I’m a true believer, my mother was calling out to her cousin Danny, yelling wait Danny, Danny wait for me, & all of us, my 2sisters, & myself, with my daughter’s & niece’s & nephew’s were all there, & it was clear as day that she was in transitions to the other side, with close family, & it was the most spiritual, & amazing thing I have ever seen 💜

    • My father was speaking to his mother ( among others who have died) and reached up his hand to the sky to touch my baby sitter ( his daughter) who died when she was 3 months old (50 years ago) so I believe they do. I witnessed all this a few days before my father died. He knew his day was coming and welcomed it. You may not believe it – until you witness something like this yourself.

      • Hi ! Both my daughters and myself witness this in the hospital when my dad was in the ER . My daughter was at the foot of the bed talking to him and then he looked above her head with shock and said “” Frankie ” I said !!! Dad do you see Frankie and he said Yes !!! Frankie is my brother that died when he was 11 years old . He had no drugs was confused at times but quickly orientated back … My Dad was admitted and in a few days put on comfort care . During that time speaking to the hospice nurse and mentioning what we all experienced in the ER . She said they do see their loved ones this is an indication their ready to pass on soon ….

      • My son died instantly at the age of 17 on November 4, 2016. On his 18th birthday, January 18, 2017, I was talking to his girlfriend and told her that all I want to do is go to heaven to be with my son. I have said this a few other times since his passing to other people in my family. That evening, my son came to me in my sleep, it didn’t seem like a dream, it seemed like crisp, clear and real. I saw him, very clearly from head to toe, he was dressed in his favorite khaki pants and black t-shirt, which is not what I dressed him in for his burial, but anyway, I was all of a sudden standing in front of him and said to him, “Okay, let me grab a few things.” He said, “Mom, you can’t come now, it isn’t your time.” I said, “Oh.” and then he was gone. I don’t care what any non-believers say, that was real! Very real! He also, 2 weeks after his passing came to me in my sleep, he was standing in front of a lake, I was walking towards him, he had his back to me, I realized it was my son, I said “It’s Kyle.” I then called out to him, he turned around looked at me and smiled, and then he was gone and I immediately woke up.

    • I fully believe in this. I think it is so sad that people who are professed atheists can be so narrow-minded as to truly write off the supernatural, things such as God and spiritual manifestations can’t possibly be real because there is no physical evidence to back it up. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t really.

      • I’m an atheist, and I’m here to tell you atheism isn’t about writing off the supernatural, it’s simply acknowledging one doesn’t possess belief in the supernatural. I’m fine with there being a supernatural realm, an afterlife, a god, all of it. It’s just that I know I’m know convinced; I am (a) without (theistic) belief. It’s literally a word that means without belief. I’m also atheistic about chem trails and the Easter bunny. Now, having said that, here are a couple of questions you might want to consider; Why don’t people of non-Christian cultures also see Jesus when they’re about to die? Why don’t the deceased actually say anything provable or verifiable when they visit the dreams of the living? Why can’t people who believe in an afterlife ALSO accept that the visions of the dying might nonetheless be hallucinations? There’s precious little critical thinking on this thread, and a lot of eagerness to believe, rather than get to the truth of the matter, wherever it leads, which is discouraging. (And yes, I was present when my mom died, and was a Christian for 25 years, so I have the necessary life experience to make this comment.)

      • If they don’t except Christ as their savior they will be seeing the devils angels when they die. Pray for them.

    • I understand your take on this matter. I am, like you, very skeptic about this thing not unusal because I am a Philosophy major (psychology minor), a registered nurse, a reg midwife, a reg and practising physician..

      I have seen a lot of hospital deaths, from medical student years till these very days… However my personal experience with my mom changed the whole thing.. Not necesarily I became a believer myself, but that there are just things that are immune to sciences. And we cant just simply dismiss them simply because science has no exact explanation of them, just as yet…

      Atom was just a mere theory, until it was smashed and proven true hundreds of years after it was hypohesized by Greek pholosopher.. All the best..

      • To Stefatrop: Years ago I flew down to LA to witness my sister giving birth which was supposed to occur over the weekend. That was her due date. Friday nothing, Saturday nothing. I worried as I had to fly back on Sunday night. Saturday night my mother and I chatted. She discussed her difficult childhood, then went to bed about midnight. I picked up a book she had about Mother Teresa, who was still alive at the time, and finished reading it at 2am. As I was brushing my teeth, an inaudible voice told me “Your sister is going to have her baby today. It’s a sign to your mother that her parents are sorry she feels the way she feels. And it’s a sign to you to keep your eyes on God.” I wasn’t scared- in fact I cracked a joke saying I’d read too many spiritual books! If this were to happen today, you bet I’d have asked a lot of questions! What does keep your eyes on God mean exactly?!! This voiceless voice did not say Jesus, but God. I am not a Christian. The other interesting thing is that my mother’s parents had passed away many years prior- yet they had heard her talk. I have indeed kept my focus on God as best I can and have never heard that voiceless voice again. But I have had other supernatural occurrences. Not many but enough for me to know that our prayers are heard, even if not answered, that God does exist, and that we exist after death. I had about twenty years of pure misery and it suddenly lifted a few years ago. I cursed and yelled but I always kept talking to God. Recently I had a hopeless situation that I turned over to God, and one week later it was solved. You don’t have to believe in God but if you start an enquiry you never know what will happen!

      • Forgot to say that I went to bed at 2am, we got the call at 4am saying my sister’s water had broken at 2am and they were on the way to the hospital. Her baby was born a few hours later.

      • I once only believed in things that could scientificly proven. Although I claim to be a Christian I questioned certain Bible stories. My father is as well what some might call a doubting Thomas. He is a realist who demands proof before believing and has never been religious. My father went into anaphylactic shock because he had developed an allergy to a drug he’d been taking for his arthritis. He flat lined in the ambulance and I watched him being shocked with a defibrillator until his pulse returned. He later claimed a calmness had come over him and he had a great urge to go towards a bright light. He saw arms reaching out to him from the light. He said it was the arms of Jesus and he was disappointed to find he had awakened and did not go into the light. He claimed it was such a feeling of relaxation and comfort that he desired to go into the light, into the arms.
        While unconscious from anesthetics during surgery I went into anaphylactic shock because I had been injected with an antibiotic (bactrum) I was found to be allergic to. I was blinded by a light at first and was confused. Then I realized that I was out of my body floating near the ceiling. The bright light was indeed a light – the operating light over my bed. I maneuvered around to avoid the light and looked down and was surprised to find myself below me on the operating table. I could see everything happening. The doctor was panicking. There was a nurse on either side of him. The nurse on his left took him by the arm and escorted him out the door. The other nurse stayed by my side and was obviously phyigity and panicked. Soon the nurse who had escorted the doctor out of the room returned with the anestheseologist. He injected something into my IV. I soon could hear the nurses yelling my name as I came to on the operating table. I opened my eyes and the nurses and anesthesiologist had big smiles on their faces. One of the nurses said – “You gave us a scare!” The surgeon returned to the room appearing as if he’d been sickened and clearly drained by the close call, yelling and asking if I could hear him. He was yelling “Do not EVER take or let anyone give you bactrum! You are allergic to bactrum! Do not EVER take it.” If it’s hallucinations or drugs or dreams or whatever nonbelievers claim – then how do I know what happened to me while I was clearly unconscious?

      • It will be. Hell will only consist of our brief feeling of the pain we caused others but there is forgiveness as we all have caused pain. Then there will be joy.

    • You obviously had no one. Die that was close to you I experienced many deaths and the ones I’ve seen even said they’re here I’m leaving now we will never know until we go then we can never come back to tell what happened but I believe we come back in dreams to comfort our loved ones like this beautiful story❤️

      • I only want to say if that is what you think he’ll is you are in for a huge surprise.
        About 6 people my daughters and myself too. But my husband was a Godly man. Had lead many to Jesus. He awoke from a 48 comatose. Told us me mainly that Jesus and Peter was there to take him home. He looked right at me and said I want to go but I don’t want to leave you. ( me) .

    • I had a near death experience it was so scary I was in a place with no walls everything was white and bright 5 min later I seen my brother who died 1993 in October. He said when its mytime he would welcome me home. Then I spoke to god he said it want my time to go so I had to come back then I went trough a tunnel following. A dog tokead the way soon after I seen a bright light and woke up in the hospital bed.🙏👏😔

    • If you really think it’s fine for them to believe it, then why go to the trouble of saying this at all? Why comment? Perhaps you’re bothered that something you didn’t believe is challenged so credibly? Or perhaps in your secret heart you want to believe it? I don’t know, but posts like this one usually have a reason other than what they actually say. Praying for you.

    • I wish you did believe. My dad died suddenly and there were a lot of things to do. I took over, he would come put his hand on my left shoulder to let me know he was there. I saw him 2 times, I called for him & he came. After I had finished all I could do to save the ranch & 11 people in the family I sent it off to IRS. We got it back & I said, “It’s done Daddy” & I felt him leave the room. Never felt his presence again, but it was all REAL. My son almost crashed on his first solo but the smell of diesel went right by Jeff & he knew his grandfather was there to help him and he brought the plane in safely bc he ALWAYS SMELLED OF DIESEL. It did not come from the plane. My grandfather visited my mother & told her, “Charlie is here with me & he wants me to tell you how sorry he is for all the pain he caused you & Cathy”. I called her a minute later and she was astonished. She saw his big 6’4″ shadowy figure fill her door then he left when the phone rang. I WISH YOU BELIEVED.

    • I respect your opinion. However, I’ve been a nurse 23 years and yes ma’am I have seen patients go through this when close to death. I’m not coping with grief as you say but have a testament of what I’ve witnessed. Past loved ones are in the presence of the dying.

    • So sorry you don’t believe. But it really does happen. After my dad passed in 89, I was devastated, he would come visit me in my dreams, healthy again, and we was trying to keep him healthy. A pastor I dearly loved, had not seen him in years came a visited me before he went home. Told me he was going home and I begged him to wait til I could go see him, but he couldnt. I pray God show you.

    • You sound to me as if you are not a face, that you’re not a Christian. Boy are you going to have a rude awakening when you cross over, the $10,000 question is crossover to where?

    • I believe it! My sister passed away Last year and she said she saw her deceased husband and my mother. And when asked a few days later by her granddaughter about seeing her papa and what he looked Like my sister Told her he looked like papa. I believe everything she told us that day. And she kept reaching up to take someones hand and would telling them no she wasn’t ready. I saw the looks on her face, I was her caregiver til the end. And there was no other explanation for the things she had told us. I will always believe it.

    • My son at the age of 13 in 2004 started using the Ouija board because he and a friend had seen a spirit. I was pretty much an atheist, but everything that I had doubted was actually coming to life before my eyes. I learned so much from the board it was absolutely amazing! The board is really nothing to mess around with, it’s not a game as they would like you to think it is. It’s just a tool for the other side to communicate with. My friends wife would never believe any of my stories until they went to a group Medium and she actually had a visit from her late husband. Now she goes to this same guy for one on ones. Spirits are for real. I do understand that people just need to experience certain things for themselves before believing. I certainly did! Hopefully you will have an experience to help you believe. It gives you great comfort in knowing there’s something after death.

      • It is not recommended that those boards be used, the spirit world is full of deception, especially with teenagers, they like that energy, look up Inside the New Age Nightmare or Laura Maxwell’s story about her mother being driven to suicide by spirit attacks. I am not into the biblical accounts,I have had experiences with spirit guides , but after researching I no longer make contact with them.

    • Scientific inquiry requires an open mind. Facts have been recorded by these people who have lost friends or relatives. They cannot offer any proof of what their interpretations of these events are.

      However, to claim their interpretations are not valid requires proof also. Since you cannot provide this proof your argument is not valid.

      Thus, since neither party can provide proof, each argument is unsubstantiated conjecture.

    • I was with my mother and sister when they passed on. My mother was in a morphine coma and hadn’t moved or talked for 2 days. She sat up in bed and started saying Ma Ma Ma, over and over for at least 5 mins. She then laid back and passed. All blood left her body , she was Snow White. I sat next to her and felt a magnetic feel and she then lifted one arm and it lay on her tummy and then crossed the other arm and laid it on top. There was a 5′ long picture of her laying this way in a field in her living room. I knew beyond a doubt her mother came to meet her and that she showed me a out of this world (God) supernatural phenomenon by lifting her arms. God did it, it literally changed my life, 20 years ago. When my sister died 3 years ago, we saw the moment her soul left, she still breathed for about an hour or two and then at the very last stanza of her favorite song: 10,000 Reasons, she drew her last breath. Both passings were very spiritual for our family .

    • So you had to post on here that we’re all imagining things just so you can feel better about being another opinionated atheist looking to spoil the hope and faith of others? How typical. YOU have no proof either, so allow others to share positive feelings here.

      • Thank you John Smith, I was raised as a Christian so I can’t deny the power of prayer & positive energy, weather or not you believe, attempting to crush any faith or hope another might have is pitiful. If you want to be miserable do it alone.
        For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.
        Stuart Chase

    • As someone who sees spirits I disagree with you. Having been there when my grandmother died I was accused of playing games. I was 17 years old and just wanted to know who the man in the corner was. When it was my turn to speak my grandmother I asked her who the man was and she asked you can see him. Do I asked again who he was and he was a 5th great grandpa. Not sure if the fifth was for me or her but he was dressed in 1800s fashion. Was quite a good looking man. I have seen black and white/grey standing at the foot of beds in the SICU at the hospital. Whatever you believe someone will be there.

    • The evening my mother passed away, was like any other evening, she was awake alert visiting with family enjoying a glass of wine. One half hour later i was helping her get ready for bed and she said to me very calmly , “I’m dying”, i said no your not mom and helped her lie back on the bed. I went to the kitchen to get her medication and when i came back it was quite obvious yes she was. I am a RN and know what the look of death is. 30 minutes later she was gone.

    • Do not confuse the experience with the interpretation. I’ve been a hospice chaplain since the ’90s, the stories are consistent with my experiences and the experiences of colleagues. Colleagues will interpret experience differently, however, they agree on what they saw and heard.

    • Well my “nice story” was my late father taking me back to my childhood hood home, after we parted I began to recover and have survived a tumour and sepsis when really I wasn’t expected to survive. I am now a nanny and I am at peace now as I believe I will always be my children and grandchildrens gaurdian angel as my dad is mine.

    • Until you experience it you’re right there’s no proof. But I can tell you this, my husband and I were hit by a drunk driver and a few days later he came to my hospital room. I was the only survivor.

    • Too bad you don’t have the courage to sign your name. I’ve been with family members who have passed and I know there is an after life. You might be interested to learn that a dying patient may not be able to speak or respond verbally but the last sense a dying person has is of hearing.

    • My fiance his grandmother did the same thing but she said she was seeing a black cloud or something in the corner it scared her. I remember her calling me in and telling me this. And i told her i was there to protect her. I miss her

    • how can you see it makes nice stories? Until you expereince you can say to yourself whatever. .My mom died feb 19, 2014. And I was not a religious person, my mom read the bible, but didnt go to church as often as she wanted to. But as I lay there with her was the most chilling experience in my life. Someone cant prove there isnt a GOD, but the people who have the real experience can PROVE to themselves that GOD is real. And i advise everyone, to be open about it, because when you see it, it will change your life.

    • Faith does not require proof or miracles. Pray that you will let the Holy Spirit touch your Spirit and you will experience Faith, not proof. In Christ’s Name amen. Dave Fairfax

  3. With in the year my Aunt passed away. She had had surgery, needless to say, she was in the hospital. We were visting her and didn’t expect her death. She said , ” Elsie where is mom.” Elsie was my mother that had passed away 30 years ago and their Mother had passed away about 15 years ago!! That evening we received a call telling us that she had passed on. I believe!!

  4. My mom, that passed on in 2010, told me that when she was younger, living with my paternal grandparents, attended my great grand mother in her last weeks of life…. Anna, was her name, was talking to her relatives that already passed on and introducing my mother and my aunt to them and vice versa… This went on for days at the time. When my grand father was coming home in the evening, my mom and my aunt asked him about so and so and he always confirmed they were old relatives already passed…. Make your own conclusion….

  5. I believe it because my 26 year old daughter died of cancer in 2015. Two weeks before she passed we were taking as we did everyday and she was looking up in the corner of her living room in a dead stare so I asked her what are you looking at. She didn’t respond so I asked her if she was seeing her grandmothers because they both had just past away earlier that year (2015 was a very bad year for my family) and she said no. So I asked her do you see your grandpa Peter she said no then I said Papa Mike, my dad, and she said yes. I got scared but I then asked her if he had his hands out for her to come with him and she said no. I was relieved. But then 2 days before she passed she yelled no no and started hitting at something. I was so scared because I felt that she wasn’t going to make it. I wanted to cry but I had to stay strong for her. So they do see others who are on the other side, because my daughter wasn’t on any medicine at the time of her death. FOEVER IN OUR HEARTS Baby girl! Mom misses you so much 😇❤

    • My mom was staring up thru the ceiling also. What I wonder about that I see a lot of us left behind have in common is why do they 1st resist going with someone they love? Especially since they are leaving behind the pain they are in physically. Sigh! Is a question I will probably not know until it is my time to know..

      • They resist possibly because they know the pain their death will cause their loved ones that are still living. These story’s are so.strong and beautiful! Thank you for sharing.your experiences! I.got chills and tears!

      • We were doing cpr on my husband when he colasped ,couldnt breath and then heart stopped. He was fighting to breathe and to live before his heart stopped. He had an implanted pace maker/defiberator so as we were doing chest compressions we were getting shocked by the defiberator. Then it started going off so fast we could hardly touch him. All of a sudden my husband who had been just laying there on the floor smiled such a big beautiful smile towards the ceiling in the corner of the room and then was gone. I would love to know who or what he seen at that moment

      • My own Mom said she didn’t want to leave her girls, so she resisted going as long as she could. She was crying when she died. My Dad had so many visions / experiences with coming & going as he was dying. He was clinically dead twice in the process. He described himself as coming & going in what seemed to him as something like a Bi-Plane & he used the pronoun “we.” He said he could see swirling waters as “we” got closer (to earth) and he came back for a short time. He began to see & describe “The Beautiful Summerhouse,” and asked “why don’t we come here more often.” He died a couple of weeks after that and as he was dying he talked about “the winds, the great winds.” Much happens during that time of transition, I think as having practiced as a nurse myself, most nurses & doctors have witnessed the spiritual transition of others. I’m very convinced we are Spirit Beings. If we are close to God, we can know what that means and have much to look forward to on the other side.

      • I do strongly believe as I witnessed my mom pass of cancer Nov, 2015. The nights and days preceding to it , i was by her bedside watching her. She was surrounded by her husband and her three kids when she ascended to heaven. The moment she passed away you could see her face turn so calm and peaceful. I will never forget that moment.

  6. A little over 3 years ago, I watched my mother transition and had a strikingly similar occurrence to your story. Her transition lasted about a week and I am positive at least 3 people visited my mom over the course of 2 days. She didn’t want to go or shall I say, she was VERY hesitant. On the 1st night, she called out to her own mother who died when she was only 9. It was as if her mother was very distant because she screamed “MAAMAA” to get her mother’s attention. On night #2, she clearly said to my grandfather (her dad) “No Daddy, No!” as if she did not want to go with him. Later on that morning she was coherent enough to speak to me and I asked if she saw my grandfather. She said, “Yes… Daddy was trying to get me to go with him, but I told him NO!” My brother was in the room the whole time and witnessed this. The last visitor was definitely one of her friends bc she called her a term of endearment she used to use. On the morning of the 3rd day, she took her final breath. Had I not experienced this myself, I wouldn’t believe it either, but I AM A BELIEVER!

    Since her death, I’ve had 3 dreams that felt like it was more than a dream. My mom was there with me. Each time its happened, I wake up with such a good feeling that I want to go back to sleep immediately and see her again. We even spoke to each other once. I’ve had other dreams of her, but I could totally tell the difference between her spiritual presence and it being just a dream. The only way I think anyone would believe this is if it happened to them. I miss her physical presence soo…

    • My Mom and I were very close for all those many years. I too have had dreams of times with her, since losing her rather unexpectedly in 2010. I agree with you, we just KNOW when they’ve visited in dreams, it’s a more lucid type dream that is so very real & comforting when you wake up. These dreams stay with you & are reassuring for me. My Mom more recently came in a dream, where symbolically she was warning me of an upcoming life event that would be very difficult for me to go through, but that she would be my light / lamp to guide my way. I had no idea this crisis was coming, but that is exactly what happened, and I made it through that period of time just knowing I wasn’t alone.

    • I totally know what you mean and it’s an amaxing experience, it has a different sense to a dream and I have them quite often and it’s a thrilling experience when I see my beautiful grandparents. I have also had an ability since I was young sensing things and also accidentally astral travelled and see people’s deaths as they happen in my sleep. I have no doubt whatsoever 100% that the things people have discribed in their comments are true. My nam also pointed and smiled at the corner of the room near the ceiling, her eyes wide like marbles and she had hardly opened her eyes for a few days, she passed away a few days later.

  7. Ive worked with hospice now for 20yrs. The separation from the mortal body and the soul or spirit is very real. Sometimes dying patients get what is called terminal restlessness and start talking to people who have passed on before them.

  8. When my uncle was dying at the age of 42, he said, ” Mom is out in the hall waiting for me”. Every time his hospital door opened, he said that, for two weeks. He could see her patiently waiting for his turn to leave this life. It was the month of April, grandma had died the past September and my uncle was the baby of the family. I’ve always believed. The veil is so thin at the time of death.

  9. My daughter passed away in April 2011, a week after she got married. By the time my husband and I got to see her, I knew in my heart that she was already gone. We disconnected the breathing tube and she passed 17 minutes later. We pushed through all the grief and then Mother’s Day came in May. She always sent me flowers because I loved them so much. The night before Mother’s Day, I felt an arm go around my waist. I was half asleep and moved closer to the wall. I realized nobody was in bed with me except my daughter always like to cuddle with me. I truly believe she came to give me a present of her love for me. My husband the next morning told me he prayed that our daughter would come to me. She did!!!. Love and miss you my darling daughter

  10. While I have not experienced this personally, I do believe 110%! I am a paranormal investigator and can tell you with no doubt there is an after life. With our equipment we get intelligent replies to questions, along with physical proof, like them turning on lights when asked, etc. I was a skeptic until I got into this. My dad is in the process of dying, so I may unfortunately experience this too soon.

  11. I experienced this first hand when my husband was dying. He asked me who are the three Japanese ladies at the foot of his bed. I asked him if it was his late mother and he said “no”. My late husband is half Japanese, half Italian. He passed away a week later.

    My grandmother saw my dead father a month before she passed away. She used to say that my father is sitting at the foot of the bed and visiting her. After her body was picked up at the hospital by the funeral home, we smell rubbing alcohol in the car on our way home from the hospital. Since it was so late, we didn’t bother checking it out. The next day, there was no trace of the rubbing alcohol that we smelled just a few hours earlier.

  12. I saw it when my husband was passing. He kept saying he didn’t want any of that.i was sitting by him, I whispered, what don’t ya want. He said I don’t want that corn, he said Can’t you see that boy with the bowl of corn. I told him, it was OK, he didn’t have to take the corn,then he had the biggest smile on his face. I heard him talk to his Moma,& his son that had passed years before. I learned that if I talked over a whisper, he wouldn’t acknowledge me. He was transitioning, & I didn’t want to disturb it.

  13. I feel so compelled to speak. After I read this article, I closed it and kept scrolling through Facebook. I had to stop and come back though. When one is near the end of life and ends up passing away, we all like to think Heaven is what awaits. For those who have turned their lives over to the Lord and accepted his gift of salvation….yes! But sadly, that is not always the case. The reality is that for as many Christ followers as there are, there are great numbers of those who did not accept His gift of salvation and the story of their passing is very different. I have been at several bedsides of family members and a friend who passed away. I have also heard numerous stories from others as to firsthand accounts of what they saw and experienced. When my Papa passed away, I wanted so badly to experience something, knowing full well that would be the closest we would come to Heaven on this side of the veil. I wanted to feel the warmth of God’s presence in the room or hear the brush of angel’s wings, but none of that occurred. There was just a stillness and a quiet peace. This too was a beautiful experience. When my husband’s grandfather was in his last days, we were at the hospital and suddenly he became so aware. His eyes opened and were so alert, so full of life. He did not communicate with us, but the color returned to his face and his eyes were full of life, not the distant blankness we had experienced moments before. He tried to raise up a bit as he was reaching out ahead of him for a being we couldn’t see. I knew he was seeing “someone.” First it was with one hand, then he reached with two. We were all gathered around his bedside yet he was reaching for someone just beyond us. It was as if he was enticed by them but he wasn’t allowed to go with them yet. I have a picture to remember this moment. What a beautiful moment it was. Days later, he passed away in hospice, but we had no further evidence of what he was experiencing during his transition. Back to Papa…his hospice nurse told us several stories of the many people she cared for as they crossed over. She said some were peaceful but some people were so agitated. She herself was not a “believer” but she was caring for one man one night, when he woke up out of a dead sleep and started screaming and pleading with her to help him, to pray for him. He said he “didn’t want to go there.” He’ll is just as real as Heaven and we have the choice and free will to give our lives to the Lord, or to reject Him. As best as I remember, Sandi said she called out to God with the man in whatever way they knew how, and then the man became quiet. He settled and became peaceful. Who knows what his last moments were. He may have had that face to face experience with Jesus as he knew he didn’t want what he had just experienced in his dying hours. When my brother in law passed last year, there was an old woman in the room catty corner from his. We were about facing her as we were out in the living room. No one came to see her during the days we were there. One night my nieces, young moms, said she sat up and started yelling at them “You, come help me, help me please.” It scared them so bad they went and got a nurse. I wish they would have been bold enough to step in and pray for her and introduce her to the Lord and his gift of salvation. I wished I had. When there in that moment. The next morning when we came back, her bed was empty and her room cleared. It made my heart so heavy. Bottom line is this. Death is an appointment we ALL will keep. God loves us so much He gave us free will, a choice to accept His free gift of salvation and secure our eternity in Heaven, or a choice to live life our own way, on our own terms, and make no room for Him. Your choice, your destination at death. What do you choose? Heaven or Hell? You may not be so blessed to have such last moments. You don’t know when or how death will arrive. Don’t wait. Secure your eternity today. It’s a free gift with NOTHING of value to lose, but EVERYTHING worth anything to gain!!! ❤

    • I don’t understand why you bring god into it! I believe it’s science! I also believe that we as humans are not the most advanced life there are other life forms ! The universe is huge! I believe in good things I was raised going to church, I did not push it on my kids.

      • I feel bad for you. There is so much more to understand than you do at this point in time. Some day you will know. Maybe not in this life, but the next. However, this life time would be a good time to start.

  14. I am a philosophy graduate, a registered nurse, reg midwife and a reg and practising physician.. My mom went on 7months coma. Week prior to her death, she suddenly opened her eyes and turns her head from right to left as if shes looking at someone or something talking to her and passingby.I only encoutered this phenomenon from my previous degrees called near-death experience but certainly not taught extensively in medical schools. Until now it left me puzzled what was it she saw… Hypoxemia (low oxygen) definitely not the case as I placed her on oxygen with pulse ox attached to her 24/7. Antibiotics maybe, but its well computed based on hepatic and renal dose. It was one unforgettable experience I personally witnessed from no other than my mom. I hope to hear good explanation as regards this deathbed experience… thank you

    • Can I recommend Dr Michael Newton’s books to you as further study of this subject. He is (was now, he died last September) a counselling psychologist, master hypnotherapist, and teacher for 40 odd years. He was an explorer of ‘life between lives’ and wrote some books of case studies and his conclusions about them. I have been helped greatly by reading them.

  15. My mum when she was passing looked up at th corner of the ceiling and called out my brother’s name he died six years previous and she was told he had died but mum had vascular dementia I’m sure my brother came for her and I truly believe and see her in my dreams where we are living together.by the sea and she is healed and younger and happy .

  16. I was fortunate enough to be with my Dad when he passed. He was out of it due to sleepy drugs so was unable to speak to us. However I felt his soul leave his body 3 hours before his body gave in. The room got very cold for a brief few moments, then peaceful. I looked around the room and could see that my siblings had not felt it. Not everyone is sensitive. I’m sure glad I am. I was able to say goodbye to Dad when he actually left the room.

  17. I Believe That Happens as We pass Over Also.My Papaw fell and hurt his back ,at the ER we where told he is gonna be fine,but while in the ER he got very upset that someone was blocking his view, he began to shake the rails on the bed and with trembling hands pointed to the person blocking his view out the door and said Move,There stands my wife and you are blocking her from me.There was no one there we could see,but he insisted that Nan was there….He passed away about 4 hours later,we where in shock cause we had be told he was gonna be fine….Nan passed away 5 years years before him and Yes she was there to take him home.

  18. Working on a hospice unit I have many times seen patients in their last days and hours reaching out or seemingly seeing someone. Many times I ask them who they see, usually not getting an answer. But one gentleman answered, “my mom” and had a tear roll from his eye.

  19. I absolutely believe this happens. During the transition of my mother passing she would stare out at one area in the room and start talking I would ask her if she saw people and she would shake her head yes. I ask hers were they telling her to come on she would nod yes this went on about a week no longer talking I whispered to her it was okay and she could go if she was ready I had told her I would be there so for just s few minutes I took a break and went up stairs and no sooner than I did my son ran up and said mom grandmother is gone I ran down the stairs missing them all ran into her room looked over at her and said mom I am here and at that point she gasp and took her last breath. I told her I would be there and I was. After her passing the calm I saw on her face will be something I will never forget…..
    I miss her and my dad everyday but I do believe they are together and I will be with them again someday ❤

  20. My mum died 2006 and days before she died she kept telling me she could see all these people that had died years before her mum was cooking at the stove she has her back to my mum but she said she looked in her 20’s /30s. She said her dad was looking threw the letter box asking for food she also said when he opened the letter box she could see a bright light. She was saying to me she didnt know if she was aloud to feed him I said mum dont open that door cus I won’t come back. She also saw other relatives in the kitchen too. My mum was an Italian Catholic I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but thought I would mention it. But I believe what she saw was true and altho I didn’t want her to go I’m glad she wasn’t alone. I just hope when I go she will be there for me. My mum has been a nurse her whole life so I’m sure if it was the drugs she would of known this and wouldn’t of discussed it with me x

  21. Yes, I believe these stories and their experiences. I was with my husband in ICU a short time before he passed. An accident occurred on his way to work and he had several bad injuries. The day of his passing I was with him a couple of hours before he finally passed. He began singing and said people are everywhere and was looking around the room and became very restless. A few hours later I received the phone call from the hospital that he had passed. I was also with my mother and father when they passed. My father kept reaching out with his arms a few days before he passed. I was with my sister when she passed also. It is something you never forget those last moments with your loved ones. My mother was in a nursing home and a few days before she passed she began doing the impossible. She was so week and couldn’t walk but; I got a call from the nursing home they had found my mother standing beside her bed. and the rail’s were up on the bed. Normally; she couldn’t even sit up or anything on her own. I got calls approx. 3 times that this same thing happened. I believe she was preparing to go to Heaven. I have dreams of several of my members that have passed. My dreams always seem to occur that we are always in the house where I grew up. Haven’t lived there in several years. I assure you the dreams seem very real and I remember them when I wake up and I have told other members of these dreams. I BELIEVE.

  22. I worked for Hospice. I believe there is a God. My parents passed away at home both being on Hospice. I let both of them know it was ok to leave, reasurred them we would all be alright. My sisters let them know also. My parents passed away peacefully. We just had to let them know we were going to be fine after they passed. Once they knew this there was no more anxiety for them. They were more peaceful, and calm. I was happy that they got their wish to die peacefully at home.

    Patients of mine while working for Hospice, were pretty spot on within the days they would pass on. I had one tell me she wouldn’t see me on my next visit in 2 days. The day I was going to see her, I thought, ” I guess I will be seeing you today” Not the case. She passed away one hour before my visit. She knew.

    Another patient had told me her husband came to her and said ” what’s taking you so long” I said to her ” men their so impatient” We laughed. She went with him the next day.

    I have seen a lot of passings. People know when they are about to leave this earth. I have went through a epiphany my self. Treat everyday like it’s your last, because it very well could be. Tell your loved one you’ll be fine, and will be able to make it without them. It seems to be a calming factor to them while they are passing on.

    This is what I believe and have seen. It’s something everyone has in common, we’re all going to die someday. So live life, be good to yourself and others. And tell the ones you love it’s ok for them to leave and begin their new journey.

  23. A few years after my mom’s passing, I had a dream about her… just really a vision of her face so clear I thought she was there . She didn’t say anything. I woke up and tried to go back to sleep to see her again , but she was gone. The next morning I told my husband and he had a look of shock on his face. He told me too had a dream about her that night. I truly think she came to see us that night. Also my daughter’s mother-in-law died of cancer. A few days after, my daughter ‘s little 18-month old baby woke up in the middle of the night crying out “nana” over and over and was reaching out to the rocking chair in her room. This happened a few nights in a row. Finally my daughter came in and told her mother-in-law it was time to go and not to return as it was upsetting the baby. The next night all was calm and it never happened again. So, I truly believe in the life hereafter.

  24. My sweet nephew died by suicide, July 31, 3012, at the age of 31. We were and still are devastated by this loss, but none do much as my sister, his Mom.
    Quite a while after his death, she dreamed of him. She was looking out the window and could see him sitting in a lawn chair. He got up & came in the house to comfort his crying Mother. He hugged her & said, “Don’t cry Mom, I’m ok. I’m just going upstairs”.
    We used to be afraid of dieing, but now, knowing that Dan is there waiting for us, although we’re not in a hurry, we’re sort of looking forward to going.

  25. The day before my mom died, she was lying on her side facing the side of the bed where I was sitting. She hadn’t spoken much for several weeks as she was in a lot of pain and was throwing up a lot (she had esophageal cancer). She had commented over the past weeks that she was ready to go and didn’t know why she was being forced to stay in this world. As I was sitting there with her, she opened her eyes and said…. Tomorrow. I asked her what she meant. She answered that Jesus had told her tomorrow was when it was her time to go. She passed away the next morning.

  26. My Dad passed a few days ago… I believe he is reunited in Heaven with his mom, dad, brothers, sisters…. all of the loved ones we have lost.. I am struggling with emptiness… and sadness for my Mom, brothers, sisters and the nieces and nephews… BUT, I want to thank each and everyone of you for sharing your beautiful stories and confirming what I believe all along. I am thinking back to him being in the hospital and I am starting to see the signs that he was preparing for the journey to Heaven.. I am sad and not sure how to carry on, but your stories have brought me so much peace… Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.. ❤❤

  27. My Dad passed a few days ago… I believe he is reunited in Heaven with his mom, dad, brothers, sisters…. all of the loved ones we have lost.. I am struggling with emptiness… and sadness for my Mom, brothers, sisters and the nieces and nephews… BUT, I want to thank each and everyone of you for sharing your beautiful stories and confirming what I believe all along. I am thinking back to him being in the hospital and I am starting to see the signs that he was preparing for the journey to Heaven.. I am sad and not sure how to carry on, but your stories have brought me so much peace… Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.. ❤❤

  28. When my mum passed away, it was 5am in the morning. I was asleep in the chair next to her holding her hand. I had a dream where I saw three people, the one at the back I couldn’t see a face, but the front two were my two nanas! I woke up and 5 minutes later my mum was gone! They had definitely come to collect her. Again with my grandpa passing away, I didn’t see my mum but I felt so much of her energy in the room I know she was there!

  29. You pretty much described my mother’s passing. She was actively engaged in conversation with somebody she kept reaching out to. Her speech was clear, her eyes bright and shining and she was trying to physically leave the bed. She never responded to us at all and she had periods of time in the process that she wasn’t aware at all — until she started talking to whoever it was she was talking to — it was like she was someplace in between. She had had these conversations a couple of months before as well. My dad’s situation was different, he didn’t do all these things but one night, in the middle of the night, in the hospital (I was there) he had a seizure and was declared brain dead. I had to make the decision to unplug. Before we did it though, I was by myself in the room with him, holding his hand and explaining to him that we were going to remove the equipment and when I told him that, he squeezed my hand so strong that it made me rethink my decision but the nurse said that the squeeze was real but it was spiritual. We went ahead with our plan and he left us immediately. So, while I don’t know what he was seeing or hearing but he clearly heard me. I have had several dreams that I feel are visitation dreams — I remember them to this day with great clarity and I know my father has visited me. My mother has not.

  30. My husband’s beloved Grandmother passed away just a few months shy of her 105th birthday. She had started to deteriorate a few days before her death. The day she died, her oxygen levels had started to decline and the nurses at her Senior’s home told her they thought she should stay in the facility, rather than go to her niece’s place with her niece and my husband’s mom for lunch. She insisted she was going and they were unable to change her mind. When her niece and my mother in law got off the elevator at her apartment, Grandma nearly ran down the hall to get to the door. As the 3 of them walked in, Grandma called out to the empty apartment “OK, I’m here now!” My mother in law and her cousin didn’t know why she said that, but didn’t ask her and went into the kitchen to make lunch. Grandma went and sat on the couch. A few minutes later, my mother in law looked into the living room and Grandma was still on the couch, sitting up with her chin resting on her chest and her eyes closed. There is no doubt in my mind that she knew she was dying and was more than ready to do so, as she had expressed her desire to hurry up and leave this world several times to us in the past. Very comforting to know that she had someone she was excited to see, waiting for her to take her on her last journey.

  31. I totally believe that our loved ones come to help us cross over!!!! Our beautiful aunt battled breast cancer and suffered for ten years! During the worst times we thought the end was near but she would pull through and say it wasn’t her time yet. Her last two years were of her being totally bedridden and in and out of consciousness but the whole time she was constantly in conversation with relatives that had been gone for years. At one point she told my sister and I that my father who had lived a shady life was now a good person. She would call out to feed the crying baby did I mention she was an OB nurse her whole life. She would say my mother was with her my mother has been in heaven for over forty years!!! So yes I totally believe!!!!! I can’t wait to be with them!!!!!

  32. My Mom also called her deceased Mom & Dad and 2 sisters who had also passed. On the evening she passed I was seated across from her bed. She turned her head facing me, opened her eyes and looked at me as if to say look at me…I am ok now. Looked up and left Peacefully. I thank God for the way she left me. She passed 2 years ago and I think of her everyday but believe she is with family.

  33. I have seen and talked to spirits my entire life. My dad passed 19 years ago and mom now almost 2. My mom used to tell me she wishes she could see and talk to dad like I could. When she was admitted to the hospital we had hope she would be coming home. After 5 days my dad showed up. He stood by her side stroking her hand. I knew he was there to get her, he told me he was there to get her. When my brother was diagnosed that April with cancer my dad was with him till he died in June. I told my sister dad was at her house for John, he stayed with her till he passed. She said she could hear him talking to our dad. I went to visit my brother and asked him if dad had been by to visit, he turned looked at me and said “he’s right there” and pointed. I could see my dad but the rest of my family cannot. My brother pointed right were my dad was standing. So yes our loved ones come to hold our hand as we pass threw to our next journey. They are there for comfort and guidance as they already know the way. I know when it’s my time my dad will be there to get me.

  34. My younger sister passed from breast cancer and I was with her all the way . She never list any part of her mind and when she was close and we knew on her way to heaven (we also witnessed the devil in her) she was not really having conversations but we could understand her, she would turn her head in different directions and whisper I love you. She did this numerous times. It was obvious she was not talking to us in the room with her and when she was done she, as best she could talked to us. Will never forget this experience.

  35. I also had an experience like that with my mom. She started seeing someone in the room while in hospice. She asked what the man was doing there. She was not in any medication that would make her have hallucinations, but this happened only a few days before her passing. I believe they do see family that has passed and I do believe they soul leaves the body before actual death. I am pretty convinced, for many other reasons.

  36. After losing his battle with brain cancer over 4 years ago, my husband was the first experience I had with death. I have to say it was completely beautiful and unforgettable. 2 weeks before his death, while he came back into the conscious world for a moment, I asked him if he sees angels and if he saw his Dad. He said yes to both accounts. He said, “good body” about his Dad. His Dad passed several years before from ALS. What a cruel disease. He said “Ray and Amy” when asked about the angels. I don’t know of a Ray or Amy and neither did his mother who is still here with us.
    One last big event that happened was when he actually passed. Our oldest daughter ( age 11 at the time) left the room and didn’t want to be there, however, our youngest ( age 8) laid in the bed next to her Daddy. By the time the Hospice Nurse guided us through the stages of what was happening to his dying body until his last breath, our daughter had fallen asleep. I tried waking her up moments after to tell her that Daddy had passed. She proceeded to sit up in the bed while wiping her hands on the sheets as if to search for something saying, “there are leaves everywhere”. It appeared to me as a gift to her…symbolic of his departure. Gives me chills to this day. So yes I believe there is more than our minds could ever begin to grasp or comprehend. Ask and observe.

  37. The bible sayes the dead are conscious of nothing at all they are asleep until Christs coming. When all those in their memorial tombs will be resurected. Jesus proved this when he resurected Lazarus from his grave. So i do not believe that the others who have passed are talking to them. The speaking from the dead are from satan misleading us into believing in something other then what our heavenly father has promised us. Thats my belief.

  38. These events tie in well with another phenomenon known as “death bed visitation”. The events are easy to dismiss, but when such a gift happens to you, everything changes. I was blessed with the experience and see death in a much more peaceful way.

  39. I experienced something similar twice in my life. Once with a very close family friend and the second experience was one my mom past away. She was seeing for months a little girl come visit her. She described the little girl and when she was on her death bed she described little kids coming to her. My grandmother had past away just a year before mom and her father several months before my mom past away. The vision of the little girl started to come when my grandmother was on her death bed and my mom at the time was battling cancer. On the week before mom past away she kept talking about that little girl and other children. She kept mentioning someone named Debbie and we didn’t know anyone named Debbie. My grandmother had a perfume that she wore all the time for many years and that week before mom past away I kept smelling it. On the day she took her last breath that smell of her perfume was so strong, and I was so upset I told my grandmother to go away and not take her. Mom was mumbling and singing some songs and looked at me as if I was someone else. She kept saying I knew the song and I told her that the song was from her time period and not my time period. She would point to something that was in the room and being sensitive to things I could feel the presence of something in the room. Her last week was spent her going back to old memories, visiting family members, talking to those that had past on all from the comforts of her bed. When she took her last breath my dad called because he said he had an interesting dream with my mom. My parents were divorced for many years and never talked much after the divorce, but he was the love of her life. She visited him that last week. He still lived in the house they both built many years ago before I was born. He said he felt her in the house and saw her walking through the house during that last week of her life. I informed him during the call that she had just past away. My aunt who had a fall out with my mom during the time my grandmother had past away called too saying that my mom had visited her during the night and that they both had a big conversation. She said that my mom had apologized for their fall out and she felt compelled to speak to my mom. Well all this happened that day she had past away. Everyone was calling letting us know that mom had reached out to them, so she visited everyone she needed to visit just before she past away. When mom died just before we left the house. We packed the house up and my stepdad and brother grabbed a uhaul and we were leaving the house driveway when three deers approached us in the drive way. All three stood their watching us leave the property. That day as we were driving back home which was clearly in another state the highway was busy and suddenly a deer crossed us and all I remember was seeing the deer’s big eyes. My husband hit the deer and it was the most bizarre thing at that moment all I saw were the deer eyes and it was as if the highway stopped. We survived that accident and the car was badly damaged. We drove from the east coast to North Dakota in that badly damaged car in November and we made it home safe before the car broke down in our driveway!
    My mom’s body was donated to medical science because she had asked for that. She had an aggressive form of cancer. She was cremated and her ashes were shipped to North Dakota were I lived. In the day the ashes delivered I remember taking a nap with my youngest and suddenly I woke up because I had dreamt my grandmother rang my door bell and she was telling me she came to visit my mom. I recall telling her you are late she past away. Well the door bell did ring and it was the mail carrier delivering my mom’s ashes that were shipped by the medical study center. I believe in life after death.

  40. My mother was always afraid of dying. She had heart problems. She died in 2002. A little over two years before that her heart got out of rhythm and she went into the hospital for a procedure to have it fixed. She had been on blood thinners and couldn’t have the procedure until she’s been off of them a couple of days. During this time in the hospital waiting her heart stopped. She described passing into a place that was bright, warm, peaceful, and comfortable. She said she felt a greater love than she had ever felt in her life. She didn’t see anything but felt if she would have went a little further she would have. It was at that time she felt the presence of someone very near to her and was told it wasn’t her time to be there yet and she still had work to do. It was at that moment she opened her eyes and found yourself looking up at the doctor who said welcome back. He said they had been working on her for 20 minutes. She accomplished many things in the next two years were very beneficial to family. On completion of those things within just a few weeks she passed away peacefully in her sleep. She told me many times during that two years that she wasn’t afraid of death anymore that she knew it was there and would welcome it when it came. Months later I had a vivid dream where in she was there and expressed her love and that she was fine.

    My father passed away eight years before that from colon cancer which was an interesting experience in itself. It is too lengthy to share at this time but I will share two things. The evening of the day he died I was sitting pondering about his death, the day’s events, and praying when all of a sudden it was as if the voice was speaking into my mind. It said your father is just fine. He is in a good place, he still loves you and everything is okay. At that moment my whole body was filled from head to toe with a great feeling of peace love and warmth and I knew it was true.
    About six months after he died I was wondering how he was doing and thinking a lot about him. That night I had a very vivid dream in which someone was knocking at the front door of my home when I answered the door and let the person in I realized it was my father he looked very good like he did when he was healthy. He gave me a hug and told me he loved me. I knew in my mind I was dreaming and he was there specifically to tell me that. It was at that moment I woke up. I have very seldom had such a vivid dream I remember every detail like it was burned into my mind. What a beautiful experience it was.

    My grandmother and grandfather were very close my grandfather died when I was just a-year-old. For years my grandmother didn’t know why she was still here she wanted to be with him and talked about it a lot. two different times he returned to her in the night once sitting up on the edge of the bed and told her it was not her time to go yet. I remember when that happened and she was able to deal with it much better after that.

    Through these experiences and the faith that I have, I have no doubt that life goes on beyond and that we will see friends andloved ones again. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and beautiful experiences.

  41. I’m 72 years old, a Vietnam Veteran and former police officer. I have had numerous experiences with people dying who I did not know and with family members. Without exception, at the time of death, every one of them clearly either was communicating with or could see a loved one who had previously passed. Trying to convince someone who chooses not to believe that we all have a spiritual life and at the time of death, we enter it not alone but with those who were part of our physical life is a difficult task. While in Vietnam, a favorite saying was “There are no Atheists in the fox holes”. For the non believers, I suggest volunteering for service with Hospice, you will soon see the light.

  42. Thank you! My mom saw her cousin who had passed about a month before her own passing. I too dreamed of my mom and she was dressed in fancy clothes. I also saw my mom in a black siloutte vision three days after she passed and she was young, happy and with family. The black siloutte had white light running through it.

  43. Wow, these stories made me cry…I am not sure if I am prepared to experience something like this, just thinking about losing my husband or any of my two children gives my heart so much anguish, but at the same time, it is comforting to read how much peace and joy these experiences and dreams bring to the relatives that are lucky enough to live them first hand.
    The only case I can say I witnessed, was with my brother’s wife, who died after suffering from lupus for over 20 years. Her body was so deteriorated that the time came for my brother and their children to make a decision. She could only live connected to all sorts o machines in the hospital, never able to go back home…she was in all her senses, and she made the decision for herself. She said it was long enough, her body and her soul were tired of years of pain and she was ready to rest. I was not there when she passed, but I will feel forever grateful and privileged because I was able to say goodbye hours before. Those minutes will be in my memory forever, I tried my best to hold back my tears, and as she saw my struggle, she said to me ” don’t cry, I am happy to leave, give my love to (my children), I love you all very much, I’ll be better, nothing is going to hurt me anymore…”
    My brother told me that in her last hours, she repeated that she was free of pain and discomfort, she was happy and smiling and keep pointing at the “sweet face old lady” in the room, and also mentioning the “children that were so bright” sitting on her bed, holding her hand and smiling at her.
    She was the bravest woman I’ve ever met, a noble soul, devoted wife and until the end.
    After 10 years, and until this day and moment, I cry everytime I remember her and that day, I think of her often, I can say that when I do, I can feel her somehow. She is certainly in Heaven, no doubt about it.

  44. I witnessed my grandmother experiencing seeing and talking about ONLY her deceased brothers and sister and husband, it began when she was still able to talk and tell me who was there. She also was not ready, and not long after i told her it was okay for her to go now, we would take care of each other, she started to slip away……As she began to release her hold on the physical realm, it was a feeling of sadness, but knowing my grandfather was there to escort her home made it a bit easier for me……

  45. I’m not religious. I also wasn’t in any pain, so I wasn’t drugged. But, I had a near death experience at age 16, summer 2005.I was a passenger in a bat car wreck, and in the hospital for 3 months, My girlfriend had also been a passenger in the car, but she died on impact. I distinctly remember the fact that I had a brief, but meaningful conversation with her in the later part of my hospital stay. For years afterwards, I thought I was crazy. She told me she wasn’t in pain, and that everything was going to be alright. My life was forever changed then. I don’t know if I truly am crazy or anything, but I DO know what I saw.

    • You’re not crazy. Take comfort knowing that she is okay and made the trip to let you know that she was. You meant a lot to her.

  46. When both my Grandmother and my Mother passed, both left signs that they were around afterward. The smell was the most prominent and frequently experienced signs. Then there were the visions and dreams.

    My Grandfather passed first. We were kids and it was sudden and we were very close. After the funeral, all of the kids gathered in my parent’s apartment playing while the adults were downstairs in my Grandmother’s apartment. We were in the living room playing and suddenly a large figure that looked like static electricity walked through the rooms and into the bathroom of all places. We all screamed as we all saw it and ran downstairs with the adults.

    My Grandmother passed next. When she was dying in hospice, I spoke to her as she was unconscious. I told her that I loved her and hand to thank her for all she did for me and my son as she watched my son for me while he was on summer vacations and after school every day for years allowing me to work and keep him insured. She woke up for just one brief moment and told me “Oh shut up.” ;o) My Mom and I laughed that the last words she would say to me is “Oh shut up.” The night she passed, the doctor called us. We had left only 15 minutes before she died. We were there day and night for more than a week and the doctor said to us, she waited for you to leave.

    My Grandmother had a very distinct smell. After she passed, I would smell her at times — in the house, in the car and when on my to work. I thought I was going crazy as this was my first experience like this. I was on the bus on my way to work and I fell asleep. I suddenly smelled her and I felt my hand being held and warm. I smelled my hand and there was the smell. A few mornings afterward, my son and I were leaving for school and we got in the car. I smelled her. I started to think I was losing my mind and my little boy said “Mommy, I smell Grandma”. I said “Thank you. I thought I was going crazy.” He said “I think she’s here” and I said “I do too” which of course gave us great comfort.

    A few years later, my Mom passed suddenly. Just days after, my son and I had an argument. My patience was gone. We both were tired and upset. We got loud, the lights started flashing on and off in the apartment — all rooms — violently and, of course, we stopped and the lights stopped. Immediately. Without time passing. She got our attention.

    When we got to the funeral parlor of another relative who had passed days later, my Mother’s cousin who she was very close with told me “I saw your Mom. She came into my apartment the night she died.” And he said to her you can’t be here. You died and he said that she sat down on his couch and cried and disappeared.

    Then there were the smells again. My Mom was a smoker. We would smell her throughout the different rooms in the house. Then we smelled her in the car. Again my son said I smell Grandma and I said I do too.

    The November before my Mom died on Thanksgiving morning, she woke me and told me “Get up. I’m not going to be here next year. You need to know how to make the turkey for your son!” I got up watched her. Mom was sick, but no timeframe was given to us by the doctors and she had been sick for years. She passed two months later. Thanksgiving morning, I put the turkey in the oven nervously and said “Mom please help me get this right” and I turned around there she was on the stairs looking down at me in her favorite outfit. A black t-shirt and sweats (not what she died in and not what she was buried in”. I said “Hi Mom. I love you and I miss you” and she was gone.

    I got sick and she came to me in my dreams. I had many tumors and I had a dream of her holding the big tumor the doctors were worried about in her hands with a bright light around it and her hands and she was squeezing it and molding it smaller.

    I had a dream that she yelled at me in my sleep “Stop drinking the brown soda!” It woke me up and I was frightened because she was yelling! Sure enough, months later, I was diagnosed with a condition in my throat caused by the brown sodas and caffeine.

    And finally, my Dad died very badly and was in hospice. It was awful. A few days before he passed, he was unrecognizable. And I spent as much time as I could at the hospice with him (all day and into the nights) as he was afraid of dying and I didn’t want to leave his side. Five days before he passed, he was sitting and he said to me “There are two worlds” and that he could see it and that he was afraid. I said to him what are you afraid of? Of course, there is something else. We knew that from Mom and my Grandmother. I told him you are going to do what you always do, knock it out of the park. He asked you think so? And I said I know so.

    The night he passed, a nurse came into see us who I had not seen in the 11 days we were there. I wondered if she was an angel sent to give us a message. She said “Who’s Suzy?” and I said that’s me. She said I have a message from your father. He said, “Tell Suzy it’s okay to go now.” And then she asked “Who’s Eddie” and I said that’s his brother who passed years before. And the nurse said, “Then that’s who came to get him.”

    There is definitely something to this. The hospice nurses are experts in this. They talk about what other patients see and do before dying. That they actually see shadows sometimes and that the dying talk those who have gone before them. I can’t imagine that they all do this from a medical condition. And after their passing, I believe that certain folks like my Mom and Grandmother are reluctant to leave their children, grandchildren and famlies behind and that’s why we see them, smell them and hear them after they have have moved on.

  47. I believe this. I believe all of this and I’m so glad so many have had peaceful experiences but as much as people reassured me of this being a beautiful experience when my dad was sick with pancreatic cancer it is most definitely not what I witnessed. I had to take medication until I could replace the face of my father gasping for breath for roughly 6 hours. His face reminded me of the crucifixion. It was the most horrible experience- I prayed and asked my grandpa and two deceased uncles to come and take him home so he wouldn’t suffer and I wouldn’t have to watch him suffer any longer. Two cool things happened afterwards – within a few hours I was at home and it was 3 in the morning. It was early September and I was deciding if I should leave dads things in the car or not. I heard a tapping I couldn’t figure out but saw at my kitchen window- then the porch door- then the window again tap tap tapping the glass there were three tiny birds- not pretty really but long beaks like needles. They were humming birds or something super similar and I was blown away. I’d had them whiz by my head but never saw one before. I thought they were supposed to be pretty like the big picture on the wall in the oncology ward at the hospital- my dad would comment when he went by- how cool it was- I wasn’t sure how I would make it to the house without one of them bumping in to me. I ran for it and tried to get a better look from the window but all three were gone, some think it was my prayer being acknowledged and others say tiny birds with really long beaks at your window at three in the morning in MN is jut a normal thing .

  48. This happened to my grandmother, my cousin, my aunt, and my Mom. Mom began seeing her Mom and Dad about 6 months before she passed. She began to see my Dad about a week before she passed. She saw a bright light and a tunnel after surgery once and a man a t the far end of the tunnel told her it was not her time yet! No one will ever convince me there is not a heaven , a God, and and afterlife. Blessing

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