Hot Toddy Recipe for Colds


Hot Toddy Recipe for Colds

1. Pour hot steaming boiling water into cup.
2. Add 2 tsps. lemon juice.
3. Add 2 tsps. honey (any kind, although raw honey is best).
4. Lightly dip one herbal tea bag (any flavor, but we recommend Traditional MedicinalsGypsy Cold Care tea to be used in a hot toddy recipe for colds) in cup. If you are using the Gypsy Cold Care tea, steep, covered, for 10-15 minutes before drinking.
5. Sip slowly. Repeat every two hours (or as needed) for cold/flu.


Add 1 tsp. of rum, brandy, or cordial to this hot toddy recipe for colds.

NOTE: The purpose of this hot toddy recipe for colds is threefold:

1. The hot steam from the boiled water will help loosen the mucus in your nose and throat and enable you to breathe more freely.

2. The lemon dislodges the mucus from your throat and adds much-needed vitamin C.

3. The honey not only coats your throat to prevent redness, but also soothes the throat irritation from the dislodged mucus, as well as adding nutritional benefits.

4. If you add the alcohol, it helps to “sweat” out whatever fever you may have and helps you sleep better.

Adding the tea to this hot toddy recipe for colds is not absolutely necessary unless you want additional flavoring, but do not use regular tea as most are caffeinated.Gypsy Cold Care by Traditional Medicinals is my personal favorite for this remedy, with green tea being a close second.


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