Signs Of Ageing Can Be ‘Magically’ Reversed With Chemical Used To Clean Fish Tanks

The study published in the journal Aging Cell found a majority of the mitochondria in progeria cells become swollen and fragmented, making it impossible for the defective mitochondria to function.

But methylene blue reversed the damages to both the nucleus and mitochondria in progeria cells remarkably well.

Prescription on aging

Signs Of Ageing Can Be ‘Magically’ Reversed With Chemical Used To Clean Fish Tanks

The signs of ageing can be ‘magically’ reversed by a common chemical used to clean fish tanks, according to a new study.

Methylene blue, a non toxic, water soluble and inexpensive chemical, also used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning and as a dye, has been found to repair the damage to genes caused by ageing.

Researchers at the University of Maryland said it could soon be available as an over-the-counter medicine, used in cosmetics or as a food and drink additive.

The study found the chemical repaired the damage to mitochondria – the ‘batteries’ that produce energy in cells – which are degraded by the normal ageing process.

Ageing causes older mitochondria to resemble the mitochondria in the rare genetic illness progeria, which causes premature ageing in one in four million children.

Progeria typically appear within the first year and those…

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