DMT: The Spirit Molecule

It’s so much more out there that we all need to know about Guys. It reminds me of trying to make my granddaughter obey me now that she’s getting older in order to control her. Right? We hold Santa Claus over their head to make them be good etc. I feel society has done us as people the same way… Like reincarnation for instance.. If we all thought that we could do all the wrong things, kill folks that pisses us off etc. we might just do it if we knew we would be reincarnated verses “Go to Hell” Looking back I have noticed so many lies society have told us… I can remember as a child I really thought the Devil was real, remember? “The Devil’s going to get you if you’re bad” all of which had been passed down through the generations to control us. I think back at how brainwashed I was about so many things. I’m just hoping that Waking Up comes with age……

Does consciousness survive death

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