6 Natural Steroids

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “steroids”? Bet it’s performance enhancing drugs, synthetic injections, and bodybuilders right?

I’d like to clear up some air with that one as that’s not what they really mean. In fact you’re actually a walking natural steroid factory yourself. You are making steroids naturally in your body 24/7, and your body is using those steroids 24/7.

So in a way you’re using steroids, I’m using steroids, everyone uses steroids, even all the animals and plants use steroids.

What the heck? I don’t use steroids!

Yes you do, your body creates testosterone and that’s a steroid, your body also creates estrogen and that’s also a steroid, cortisol is a steroid, and guess what…

…Cholesterol is also a steroid.

So what’s the stuff that those freakishly huge bodybuilders inject then?

Synthetic steroids. They’re the same steroid hormones that your body produces and constantly uses naturally, but in a synthetic form, meaning that they’re made chemically inside a laboratory. That’s why they’re unhealthy and eventually even dangerous, because those synthetic hormones don’t belong in to your body!

Natural steroids on the other hand are pretty amazing. Of course they won’t give you the same effect as huge doses of Dianabol or something similar, but they’re completely natural, which means that there’s no nasty side-effects related to them.

One recent study even found out that the natural plant steroid called ecdysterone, which can be found in Suma root, was more anabolic than methandrostenolone and Dianabol, 2 very powerful synthetic steroids.

Pine Pollen is also filled with natural steroids like: epistestosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone, androsterone, androstenedione, and Brassinolide, and it’s also one of the natural sources of testosterone. That’s crazy if you think about it. As it’s really just pollen from a pine tree!

6 Anabolic Foods for a Killer Anabolic Diet

So let’s figure out the 6 anabolic foods that contain natural steroid alternatives, that our body can utilize as steroids to grow bigger, stronger, and essentially better.

1. Spinach

spinach a natural steroidSpinach contains high amounts of phytoecdysteroids, including ecdysterone anddehydroepiandrosterone which will act as natural steroids in the human body, and in my opinion ecdysteroids are the best kinds of natural steroids in plants.

One recent rat study found out that the rats fed with spinach powder increased their grip strength by 24% when compared to control group, and what’s more interesting is that the rats fed with spinach had more gripping strength than the group fed with synthetic anabolic steroids.

The same study then tested ecdysterone with human cell cultures and found out that those natural steroids actually increased the protein synthesis of the cell by 20% while also decreasing the overall protein degradation.

What’s even better about spinach is the fact that it’s a natural nitrate, known to increase nitric oxide levels in the body, so not only is spinach a natural steroid, it’s also a nitric oxide booster that relaxes your blood veins and arteries improving your blood flow.

Spinach is also rich in multiple vitamins and minerals needed for healthy testosterone production, so I suggest that you pack your fridge full of this natural steroid.

Guess pop-eye really knew it after all!

2. Quinoa

Quinoa is filled with natural steroidsQuinoa is a South American plant rich in carbohydrates, which basically means that it should be consumed mainly before bed and after workouts to make sure that you’re not getting the testosterone lowering effects of increased insulin levels, because that would pretty much be counter-effective.

However Quinoa is also rich in ecdysteroids similar to spinach. In fact 50 g’s of this plant will give you 18 mg’s of b-ecdysterone, a very powerful testosterone-like natural steroid.

Quinoa is also rich in steroid like saponins, which are plant steroids known for their effects to increase testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH). Many recipes usually tell people to wash the plant well or otherwise it will taste bitter. However the bitterness is caused by those strong natural steroid like saponins, and if you bitch about the bitterness and decide to wash the plant, then you’re washing away those saponins too.

Quinoa is also high in multiple testosterone boosting vitamins and minerals, and it’s gluten free, so it’s a good replacement for grains.

3. Wild Oats

natural alternative to steroidsYou may have heard the bodybuilding joke or “meme” called “squats and oats”, but despite being a joke there’s actually quite a lot of truth behind it.

Wild oats are rich in steroid like saponins the same ones as I mentioned above, they’re known for their ability to boost T and LH, and just like above: if you wash your wild oats or try to consume those oats by eating processed oat cereals or anything like that, then the saponins are already gone, so focus on wild organic oats instead.

There’s also this testosterone booster called “Avena Sativa” which is an extract derived from wild oat straws, and it’s scientifically proven to increase your testosterone levels mainly because of the high saponin content.

4. Eggs

eggs are filled with cholesterol, a natural steroid and part of those natural legal steroidsEggs should be the staple in any anabolic diet for two reasons.

1. Egg yolks are one of the best food sources for dietary cholesterol. Cholesterol might just be the best natural steroid and a precursor for all of the steroid-hormones in the body.

So guess what happens when your idiot doctor tells you to give up dietary cholesterol to “protect” your health? – You suddenly lack the precursor for natural steroids, and guess what that means? – You become hormoneless and end up with extremely low testosterone levels, and guess what the low testosterone does to your cardiovascular health? – It slowly kills you by rupturing your heart muscle.

Cholesterol is also the main nutrient used by your brain and heart for fuel. So lowering your cholesterol levels might as well be the dumbest move ever, especially to a man.

2. Egg whites are a great source for bio-active amino acids (protein), which builds your muscle tissue and improves your overall health quite a bit. This information was generously used by the old-school bodybuilders back in the 60’s and 70’s.

I’m more than happy to continue that trend, as a matter of fact I’m currently not even consuming any protein supplements after strength training. I just gulp down some raw eggs, because they’re much more powerful and nutritious.

5. Celery

Natural muscle building steroids in celery are anabolicAccording to the latest research, even the scent of celery will stimulate your testicles to produce more testosterone, and celery is also known to be laden with two powerful natural steroids called androstenone and androstenol.

Also the popular male adult film star Peter North claims to consume tons of celery before every shoot to improve his performance and sperm production.

What’s even better is that you actually burn more calories chewing a celery stalk than there actually is to the whole thing so you can even snack with celery if you’re doing Intermittent Fasting.

6. Fava Beans

natural bioidentical hormones in fava beansFava beans are well known for their ability to increase Human Growth Hormone anddopamine levels, both will help you to increase your testosterone levels, because they rise in correlation with it.

The reason why Fava beans will boost those two anabolic hormones lies behind the high content of L-Dopa,a natural steroid and a scientifically proven precursor for dopamine and growth hormone.


Those were only the 6 natural steroids I was able to remember, but actually there’s hundreds if not even thousands of anabolic foods and plants that contain natural steroids and anabolic precursors.

There’s also lots of natural steroids to avoid, foods like soy, hops, and yam for example are known to contain huge amounts of natural estrogens in them so obviously avoiding those as a male will be beneficial for your natural anabolic hormones.



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    Natural steroids on the other hand are pretty amazing. Of course they won’t give you the same effect as huge doses of Dianabol or something similar, but they’re completely natural, which means that there’s no nasty side-effects related to them.

    One recent study even found out that the natural plant steroid called ecdysterone, which can be found in Suma root, was more anabolic than methandrostenolone and Dianabol, 2 very powerful synthetic steroids.

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