After all these years and after revisiting with people who have lost loved one as I did, I do believe that our consciousness does survive death of the body. I mean you can just chalk so much up to coincidence. After working in Cardiac ICU and moonlighting on week-ends at the Nursing Homes I guess is why I have this stance… Back in the day with work, kids and family it seemed there was not enough time in the day let alone try to research what some patient told you during her cardiac arrest. I always told myself that after I retire I would do some deep looking into this thing…. I don’t know that there was a name for it back then and time just flew by,. I also was a hospice volunteer but had to give it up it was too stressful and confusing, not understanding or knowing what we knew because we Nurse would make comments to each other like Well the family finally went to eat , maybe Mrs. ? will let go now and sure enough… but we were so used to stuff like this just never thought a lot about it… Like if we lost a patient that day, we knew we had 2 more to go..they always go in 3’s… just something we Nurses knew… on a lighter note while working ER or ICU and even the nursing home one word no one would ever say is “Quiet Tonight Huh” That was a “Big No No”.

Does consciousness survive death

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