Programming Your Ketogenic Diet

Urine ketosis shows the amount of ketones that are not being used through metabolism. Some people will be in ketosis, yet only show low levels of ketones on their urine strips. Others will show higher levels. The more energy you are expending (exercise, physical work, etc.) the more you will use ketones as an energy source and the less ketones will be in your urine. However, if you were relatively sedentary you may very well notice more ketones in your urine.

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Programming Your Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diets are all the rage as they have been shown in studies to reduce inflammation, improve metabolism and enhance brain function.  Many individuals do not know how to successfully enter into and maintain ketosis.  Natural ketosis is an incredible physiological state that can be measured and cycled or maintained for excellent health.

Many people continue to confuse natural ketosis with the pathological ketoacidosis.  Ketoacidosis is due to an extreme insulin deficiency such as in Type I diabetes and advanced type II diabetes.  In this condition the concentration of ketones are ten times higher than in natural ketosis.  In ketoacidosis, the blood sugar is also extremely high while in natural ketosis the blood sugar is stable and low (1).


How Are Ketones Formed:

The body has two major…

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