Will medical marijuana help my sister in the nursing home?

I absolutely think it would help her Mary. See I don’t see marijuana as just a drug folks smoke, getting hi depending on which strain they smoke but the plant is medicine above all else… It being illegal is a lot to do with greed see the powers that be don’t want to let folks grow their own medicine like they did 50 years ago because our economy would crash, the govt. only survives by us putting our hands in our pocket and paying our way because the need for cancer hospitals, packed nursing homes, big drug would go straight down the drain. I think this is why the struggle goes on but people are waking up and rebelling, this is why I started this Website not knowing how to do it but I felt I had to tell ‘Somebody’ after I researched it. It’s been illegal for years but usually there is a pot dealer somewhere in most neighborhoods, seems older folks are getting it and making their own medicine like they did back in the day. People really are waking up and even moving to States where it is legal to have and even grow their own, getting off prescription drugs etc.


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