How to Hack your Immune System

Addressing heavy metal and pesticide issues is possible. Especially if we take steps to reduce our exposure to harmful compounds. With a few tweaks to your shopping list (buy organic) and lifestyle choices (avoid mercury-rich fish), you can see improvements almost immediately. And over time, you can see radical improvements in your health.

Is there is a cure for chronic disease?

Hacking immune system - Dr. Axe

Today you’ll discover the key to better digestion, radiant skin, more energy and so much more: your immune system.

You know immune system helps protect you from bacteria and other invaders. But you might not know it also impacts virtually every other system in your body — from your hormones to your nervous system.

Understanding this fact means two things:

1. Pinpointing immune issues can be challenging. Since immune issues can rear their ugly head in many ways, any one — or all — these things could be linked to an immunity problem†.

Immune system problems - Dr. Axe

Truth be told: If you have one (or many) of these symptoms, you could have an immune issue and not even know it.†

But it also means…

2. Supporting your immune system can completely revolutionize your health†. Even a small improvement can dramatically influence the way you look, feel and even think every day.

I know…

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