Rheumatoid arthritis… What’s it all about… To Limp or Not to Limp?

Guys, if you have a chronic disease, on medication that’s find but try to look into more natural alternatives to control pain… We’ve got the Internet now, we can research and compare treatment etc. Take the care of your health back into your own hands, again I say be leary of what you put in your mouth or on your skin

Prescription on aging

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The title of this article may strike some people as strange. After all, there really shouldn’t be much decision-making involved in limping, right? If it’s too excruciating to walk with full weight on both feet, then limp, and if not, then walk with a normal gait. Simple enough, right?

Unfortunately, living with rheumatoid arthritis is never simple. It’s a complicated disease that causes all sorts of complications in one’s life. It can impact the type of work one does or whether someone is able to work it all; it can have ramifications on family life or on a person’s decision to have children; it can influence how much time one is able to spend with friends and at social outings; and it can…

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