Why I eat Fermented Foods/Colostrum

Why I eat Fermented Foods/ Colostrum

Is there is a cure for chronic disease?

The reason I started this Page/Group is because of some research I did a couple years ago and still ongoing… I’ve known from nursing school how important our Immune Systems are and how it works 24/7 protecting us from let’s say developing cancer from the many cancer cells we all have in our bodies. What no one mentioned back then was how to build this system up to keep us well.  You Guys know we are covered with good and bad bacteria we just can’t see it with the naked eye so we don’t think about it,  we should esp if we want to stay well.   It’s complicated but Fermented Foods are good bacteria like Sauerkraut for instance and a whole lot of other foods can be Fermented, this is also the foods that kept our forefathers alive especially during the long winters, no refrigerators back then and they…

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