Medical Marijuana and Peripheral Neuropathy

Prescription on aging

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Your peripheral nervous system is the system by which all information from the brain is transmitted through the spinal cord to various parts of your body. This incredibly complicated communications network is also responsible for sending sensory signals back through your spinal cord to your brain. For example, if your hands are cold, the signal is sent by the peripheral nervous system through your spinal cord to your brain. Likewise, if you step on a nail, the pain signal is sent from your foot through the peripheral nervous system to your brain. When this delicate system is damaged, it is referred to as Peripheral Neuropathy, or nerve damage in common terminology.
People who suffer from mild Peripheral Neuropathy can have symptoms such as tingling, sensitivity to touch, and numbness, as well a prickling sensation or muscle weakness. Those who have more serious Peripheral Neuropathy can have…

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