Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits

Video Transcript: Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits

Ty Bollinger: Coconut oil, we were talking about that earlier. We need good fats. You know, the typical diet today, although we’re moving away from this is still “don’t eat these certain oils. Don’t eat the coconut oil, it’s saturated fat. You know, you got to make sure that you use the hydrogenated oils because that’s what’s in everything. Of course, they’re good for us, right? They’re in all the foods. They got to be good for us.” But really the fact of the matter is a lot of these oils that we’re eating are killing us. Talk about the good oils like coconut oil.

Bob Wright: Well, first of all, if you go into a supermarket and you see all the oils there: the sunflower, the safflower, the canola oil. Folks, canola oil is rapeseed oil. It’s used as a pesticide. It’s poison. But most of these bottles of oils and cans, whatever, sitting on the shelves in there are already rancid before you buy them. They put industrial perfumes in them to make them smell good, you know. Don’t eat them.

The good oils, of course, are olive oil, extra virgin olive oil particularly. I always like extra virgin because it’s the least processed. But you’ve got to be careful today. Like 50 percent of the extra virgin olive oils out there have other oils in them so you’ve got to know what you’re choosing.

I like extra virgin coconut oil. I have a couple tablespoons everyday because we’re seeing remarkable things with people with neurodegenerative disease like ALS and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. And we’re seeing almost immediate results with people that use these. And the folks that are listening to this can go up on the internet and google this and you can find the stories.


They’re just rife on the internet now about how these people are utilizing these oils, two to six tablespoons a day, and they’re seeing results in 20 minutes. Of course, you need to do more than one day to get in 20 minutes to get results, but we’re finding that many people are getting incredible results… all the way to almost reversing their sickness and disease.

And boy, this is a great start because there are no drugs out there that, as we know, help these people. They may ameliorate a few symptoms for a little while but these diseases progress.

Also we need to detox. We need to get those heavy metals out of the body but this extra virgin coconut oil, the brain and these diseases stops really utilizing glucose and the brain starts to struggle and suffer for energy. So the medium chain triglycerides, these good fats that we talk about in the coconut oil are processed in the liver and sent into the bloodstream and then go to the brain.

They become that fuel for the brain so the brain starts to function again and starts to actually be utilized again. That’s why we see the results with these people along with turmeric. Turmeric is producing some fabulous things for people with these diseases as well.

So the first thing I would do is, I would load myself with turmeric and make sure that you get the kind that the body really uses and with extra virgin coconut oil, and I think you’ll see dramatic changes.

Ty Bollinger: Great information.

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    You know Guys, I can’t help but to wonder if they took all the patient’s off Cholesterol lowering statin drug in the Nursing Homes and added just one Tablespoon of coconut oil in their dialy diets everyday, then tested their congnative abilities just what would the test show…. I doubt a test like this would ever be done because there is no money in it……. Do you have a parent having memory problems? It sure wouldn’t hurt to try something natural and it taste great in morning coffee.

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