The Anti-Inflammatory and Healing Power of Boswellia Serrata Boswellia serrata, and the medicine itself is more commonly known as frankincense.

Guys, I’ve heard of Frankincense oil but I wanted to try Frankincense in a digestible form so I started digging to find that Frankincense is basically Boswellic acid. Instead of the oil per se I’ve decided to make my own capsules by ordering the Bulk Powder. This is the strongest Anti-inflammatory I have found so far…. I do believe that pain and inflammation in the body esp. as we age is cause by inflammation.

Is there is a cure for chronic disease?

Unassuming as it is dotting the parched hills of Southeast India and large swaths of arid land spanning the distance from Northern Africa to the Middle East, a branching tree with a powerful reputation stands proudly tall as one of world’s most healing shrubs. This cultural and religious treasure of a plant has terpene-rich sap and oils which have been used as a multifaceted healing elixir for many centuries. The uniquely ragged and almost oversized-Bonsai-looking tree from which these precious substances are extracted is known scientifically as Boswellia serrata, and the medicine itself is more commonly known as frankincense.

You might recognize this latter name from various Biblical texts that regard it as a paragon of sacred significance. More precious even than gold, frankincense (as you may recall) was one of the gifts fit for a king that the magi brought with them to present to the newborn…

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