My final Conclusion of my research on ‘Is there life after death’

Does consciousness survive death

I’ve been doing a lot of research these last couple years after retiring and thinking about some of the things I witnessed as a nurse. I’ve gotten back into meditating something I could never really ‘stay with’ while working and taking care of my family always trying to get ahead but never really getting there. I just figured I’m just not the meditating type, quieting my mind was like trying to put out a fire in my bedroom or something had too much on my mind, my problems and anybody else problems would flood my mind. The problems was I thought meditating was something I was trying to learn with all the books and tapes videos etc. only to finally realize I meditate all the time just didn’t realize it, now I can meditate just about anywhere, anytime. I’ve finally came to a conclusion that and although it never crossed…

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