How in the hell can we be made of 99% empty space

That breath you just took is not just empty space…..

Does consciousness survive death

O Joe,  I hear you loud and clear and really liked what you said about the Jesus Badge that some folks wear…  I have tried over and over to go to church and the last time I went a couple years ago the preacher more less was saying something about giving to the church and the way he put it just floored me but I don’t want to talk religion and I’m sure you feel me on this.   SMH, I’m doing that alot lately and do understand what you said about not having anyone to talk to… Look I have been off into science for as long as I can remember, esp. seeing things under the microscope,  I remember in college I was ashamed to go back to class with ‘pink eye’ we were studying bacteria… my professor kept saying ‘Donna back off’   so when he saw me he…

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