Do you think you are spiritual awake? Think about this….

For at least over 30 years I thought I was ‘AWAKE’ but until I finally combined Science with Spirituality is when I finally realized my true self

Does consciousness survive death

I just wanted to say something especially to my meditating friends…  Guys, our minds will trip us up every time.  It’s like we are controlled by our minds like sheep and anytime we try to break away and find our True Selves the mind is right like when trying to meditate, hearing things in our minds like ‘did you wash the dishes’ you know you don’t want roaches or better go check make sure the front door is locked.   Look Guys,  if we really want to ‘Wake Up’ to really ‘Get It’ we have to learn to control this mind we all have and yes it comes in handy like ‘meet me on 8th street at 2 pm and bring the recipe etc. We depend on our minds but it will keep us as sheep as to why we are really here and we will continue to suffer.  …

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