I’m posting this because I know there are still people out there on their own spiritual journeys like me for over 40 years or more and when I Woke Up I could have slapped myself.. this one man puts it so well, he said something like he had been on a spiritual journey for so many years spending so much money in the process with going to retreats etc. so when he woke up online sitting at his desk he said something like ‘Waking Up was like I’d been looking for my glasses only to ‘realize’ they have been on my face all the time helping me to see my way… Waking us was to realize the glasses were there all along.

Does consciousness survive death

All the sharing I’ve been doing here on this Site about our Consciousness and how we create our own reality seems to confused some people and I realize this because it confused me.  Let’s take the idea of Waking Up.  Seems I get the most questions about Waking Up from my friends who are or have been on a spiritual journey for quite awhile saying things like ‘If I’m not Awake Now I will never be’ and I know exactly what they are saying.  Look at Waking Up like this.  Let’s say your neighbor had her house broken into and all her world possession were taken.  Of Course you feel really bad for her right?  But when your house is burglarized, you walk in the door and that feeling you get as your mind starts racing…   Hold it right there….   That’s the kind of feeling when you Wake…

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