How do other’s ‘Wake Up’

Does consciousness survive death

I want to mention something about Waking Up.  When I was in my 20’s a friend asked me to go to church with her.  Sitting there I was rather enjoying myself especially the singing etc.  then all of a sudden this lady sitting down from me jumped up and started dancing and shouting, then another lady across the room did the same thing.  I was really rather surprised I’d never seen anything like this then another person jumped up, my friend was just sitting next to me smiling and rocking.  I started feeling really strange, a rather scary feeling deep down inside me.   I could feel myself sweating, I got up and went outside and was sitting on the steps.  A old lady walking with a cane came up to me as she was climbing the steps and said something like ‘Sweetheart, you are running from something I can’t…

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