How does it feel to Wake Up’?

Are you Awake Yet?

Does consciousness survive death

Guys, I wish more people would post here, trying to answer each message is getting to be a little much so please free free to talk here. Seems though everybody is kinda asking the same thing about ‘Waking Up’ and it’s harder to explain than I thought. We are all born with this Awareness or ‘Consciousness’ that I keep posting about.. now listen, Consciousness is within you, you can’t see it because it is doing the seeing, you can feel it because it is doing the feeling or taste it because it is what will be doing the tasting. The thing is, I think is that Waking Up, you will ‘Become Aware’ of it… and believe me Guys when you do ‘Wake Up’ to your true self you won’t say ‘well I think I woke up’ you will know you are awake. You will know exactly when you woke up…

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