Just when does LIFE begin… something to think about.

Still trying to understand all the scientific proof that we create our own reality, I have accepted the idea that we are all from God which was kinda hard due to my conditioning and religious beliefs.

Does consciousness survive death

Just thinking about the creation of LIFE Guys. Remember seeing a video or whatever showing how the sperm meets the eggs etc. well what force do you think is propelling the sperm to meet the egg in the first place? We know nothing is created from nothing it has to come from SOME THING.  That same force that propels the sperms is the the same force that wakes us up every morning, think about it. We can all guess when or how physical life begins like is it when the heart starts beating etc. but life itself was there before this meeting of egg/sperm. We might not understand what these scientists/physicists are trying to tell us as science and spirituality meet but we have to admit that nothing can be created from nothing, So think back about our bodies, we were made the same way, sperm meets egg right? So…

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