Retired RN on a Spiritual Journey

I’m a retired cardiac ICU RN and I’ve seen a lot in my 40 years of nursing, thought I knew a few things until I did retired and had time to just sit and re-think my life.  I see now that a lot of the things I believed were just not true but I didn’t have a lot of time to sit and think about why I was doing what I did, mainly I did in my life what I was taught.  My daughter put me on FB kicking and screaming that FB was for kids but she starts me a group and named it ‘Your Health’ so I started teaching heart disease of course and learned a lot from the people that joined the group.  I started this website to share some of the things I have learned both medically and spiritually, not really teaching but having a conversation with other people.  One thing I did learn in my career is that folks don’t live to be old being a fool and have so much to offer those that will listen


    • Absolutely Robyn, I have several FB friends that have done so much research on their on I can’t remember offhand the name of it..if you are on FB message me and I will give you the name or add you to their group. It’s surprising what people can do when they put their heads together… I’m retired RN and thought I knew a little about most diseases process but she changed my mind.

  1. Very interesting about what marijuana can cure, but it makes since. There are thousands of nutrients in plants which help our body heal itself. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to understand this because they can’t patent and profit from all-natural products. I have some articles on nutrition and how it can help prevent and even cure many disorders. Look under the “Wellness” tab at Hope you enjoy this site.

    • Wow Brooks, I just saw your site…Dang look really interesting I can’t go back now but I want to figure how to save it so I can go back and visit it… LoL, I have an open mind and ready to check into other things… will talk to you later I’m sure 😉

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